Within the field of medical tourism, Prof. from KTU Farabi Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Clinic. Dr. Erhan ARSLAN and Assoc. Dr. Elif Acar ARSLAN met with patients in Batumi, Georgia. A high interest was shown in the meeting from other cities of Georgia. More than 150 patients had the opportunity to consult KTU Farabi Hospital doctors about their health problems. Prof. Dr. Erhan ARSLAN and Assoc.
Dr. Elif Acar ARSLAN “We did not expect such intense interest from the patients. We think that this indicate their trust in our hospital in the region.”

Selami HAŞİMOĞLU and Hamza KÖSE, the contracted medical tourism company managers of KTÜ Farabi Hospital, who organized the meeting, said, “We encountered a patient interest that far exceeded our expectations. This shows that KTU Farabi Hospital has a very high trust and brand value in the Caucasus and Central Asia. We are planning to hold similar meetings, where we bring our patients together with our KTU Farabi Hospital doctors more often in other cities in the Caucasus and Central Asia in the coming period.”

Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Celal TEKİNBAŞ said, “With the encouragement and intense support of our Rectorate, our plans to establish close contact with the Black Sea Region, Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa regions in the field of Medical tourism are being spread day by day through the Medical tourism companies that KTU Farabi Hospital has contracted with. In the future, the activities of KTU Farabi Hospital in other geographies will also become more visible.”