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KTU Farabi Hospital started to OPERATE in 1980. It has managed to become the largest health facility in the Black Sea Region with its researches and investments over the years. Within the structure of KTU Farabi Hospital with 831 Beds and 92 Intensive Care Beds, 124 Prof. Dr., 44 Assoc. Dr. has 75 Faculty Members, 24 Lecturers, 501 Research Assistants. It has a very large staff and there are 96 branches of science in KTU Farabi Hospital. In addition to education and research, there is a significant increase in the number of patients who apply to KTU Farabi Hospital with a capacity of 800 beds, which serves a wide population of the Eastern Black Sea Region with its location as a regional hospital. The service area continues to expand on the basis of administrative personnel and physical space.