Reviewing Health Reports

After you have sent to us the reports related to your disease, your health reports are sent to our specialist physicians for evaluation. After the examination made by the relevant physician, the result of the evaluation is communicated to you through our international health tourism officer who is in contact with you and necessary information is provided to you.

Preparation of Proforma

After the examination of your health reports, the relevant physician will detail the type of treatment required, depending on the disease, the name of the operation (if any), the number of days of hospitalization and the necessary information (proforma) will be provided to you, along with the fee information.

Accommodation Organization

We offer you the most comfortable hotel options for your treatment with our strong hotel network. We provide the necessary negotiations with the hotel you will prefer, combining the most comfortable accommodation option with the most affordable price and we do all the necessary organization for your accommodation thoroughly.

Transportation – Hotel / Hospital / Airport Transfer

Airport, Hotel and Hospital transfers are carried out with our comfortable vehicles, professional team and experienced drivers. After you and your relatives are welcomed at the airport, your transfer take you to your hotel / hospital. Transfers are done between the hotel and the hospital / clinic which are planned for you according to your appointment time. After the completion of your treatment, your transportation organization is made for your return to your country and your airport transfer is made in the same way.

Ambulance / Air Ambulance Service

Upon your request or when deemed necessary, our Air Ambulance or Road Ambulance service is also offered to your service with reliable companies authorized for national/international flights that we have contracted with.

Hospitalization and Treatment Procedures

Our teammate in charge of international health tourism will take care of every step of your hospitalization and treatment procedures and the necessary procedures will be carried out by us. After your approval, the procedures to be carried out with the hospital will be done by our professional team without your need to do anything else.

Translator / Companion Support

We strive to make you feel like you are in your own country during your treatment. We are with you at every stage of the process with our reliable and experienced translators and accompanying persons in order for your treatment and the process to work in the most perfect wa

Discharge Procedures

After the completion of your treatment, our international health tourism officer performs the necessary procedures with the hospital and completes your discharge procedures.

Translation of Reports

After all diagnoses and treatments are completed in the hospital, the results and reports are translated into Turkish, English, German, Russian, Albanian, Arabic languages etc… according to your preference and delivered to you.