The first promotional activity of KTU Farabi Hospital within the scope of Health Tourism was held in Batumi.

The Introductory Meeting held at Batumi Sputnik Hotel through Ayder Health Tourism company was held with the participation of more than 50 Specialist Physicians and health institution managers from Batumi and surrounding provinces and officials from the Turkish Batumi Consulate.

The opening of the meeting started with the Farabi Hospital Promotion Film prepared by Ayder Health Tourism company, which Farabi Hospital has contracted in the field of Health Tourism.

KTU Farabi Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Celal TEKİNBAŞ, faculty member of the Department of Pediatrics Prof. Dr. Erol ERDURAN, Prof. Dr. Hidayet ERDÖL from the Department of Eye Diseases, Prof. Dr. Muhammet URALOĞLU from the Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Assistant Prof. Dr. Seher Nazli KAZAZ from the Department of Medical Oncology, Assistant Prof. Dr Ilke Onur KAZAZ from the Department of Urology and Head Nurse Sevgi Danaci made their presentations. After the presentations, the participants exchanged information about areas where they could work together.

After introducing Trabzon, Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Celal TEKİNBAŞ, who made the first presentation, explained the bed capacity, intensive care units capacity, medical equipment infrastructure and technical equipment of Farabi Hospital. In addition, the number and levels of surgeries performed in Farabi Hospital in one year, daily number of outpatient admissions, number of inpatients per year, number of Faculty Members (Doctor, Assistant Doctor), number of nurses etc. were mentioned and presented the physical facilities.

Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Celal TEKİNBAŞ; “The phenomenon of Health Tourism; we are aware of its importance for our hospital, our city and our country. In this area, we will continue our promotional activities starting from Batumi with other cities and countries. As we have observed here, the health services we offer are also severely needed outside Turkey. Our goal is to do our best to provide healing to patients outside the country who need it, not just financial gain. I hope that these activities will bring good for everyone.”