Another critical operation was successfully carried out at KTU Farabi Hospital. 58-year-old male patient named S.A admitted to Urology clinic. In the examinations, a 35-centimeter mass was detected in the right kidney. It was observed that the mass extended to other internal organs in the abdominal cavity. The right kidney of the patient, who was decided to be operated, was removed together with the mass. Assistant Professor Dr. İlke Onur KAZAZ, Assistant Professor Dr. Fatih ÇOLAK and their team who carried out the operation stated that the operation took about 3 hours and was successfully concluded. The patient was discharged with full recovery after a one-week follow-up.

Assistant Professor Dr. İlke Onur KAZAZ, stated that the treatment of metastatic kidney tumors with open and closed surgery methods was performed in Farabi Hospital, Department of Urology and that a positive contribution was made to the life expectancy of patients. Dr. Kazaz added that KTU Farabi Hospital, Clinic of Urology has successfully performed many similar operations thanks to its advanced technology and experienced surgeons.