After our hospital received the Health Tourism Authorization Certificate, an important operation was performed on the first international patient. The surgery, classified as major (group A), was performed on a 45-year-old patient named Mahmood FAKHRI, who came from Iraq.

After the examinations performed on the 45-year-old father of 2 children, who came from Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, who was diagnosed with an esophageal tumor, the esophageal tumor surgery, which lasted about 5 hours, was successfully performed. The treatment of the patient, who was taken to the intensive care unit after the operation, is still continuing.

The surgery was performed by the team including Prof. Dr. Atila TÜRKYILMAZ and Dr. Alaattin BURAN  under the management of KTU Farabi Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Celal TEKİNBAŞ. Prof. Dr. Celal TEKİNBAŞ said, “After receiving the health tourism authorization certificate, we started to take steps that could lead to very important gains for our city, region and country. In this context, we performed a successful operation that lasted about 5 hours for our patient who came to our hospital from Iraq the previous day due to an esophageal tumor. There was no problem in the post-operative follow-up of our patient and we continue to follow up. We plan to discharge our patient after 4-5 days. I wish this step we have taken to be a start for all patients from near and far countries who need healing.”

KTU Farabi Hospital teams, who have performed many difficult surgeries like this until now, are determined to transfer this great experience and competence they have to international patients coming within the scope of Health Tourism as a cure.