Mechanical ventilator-associated tracheal stenosis was successfully treated with surgery in the patient who was treated in the intensive care unit due to covid 19 infection.

A 52-year-old female patient, who was hospitalized in the intensive care unit due to the COVID-19 infection and was discharged after being treated with a mechanical ventilator, applied to the Thoracic Surgery clinic after 1 month with complaints of shortness of breath. As a result of detailed examinations, a 4.5 cm long stenosis was detected in the trachea of ​​our patient. The stenosis in the trachea was enlarged by the Rigid Bronchoscopy procedure to open the airway. The respiratory distress of the patient was temporarily relieved and a detailed diagnosis of the problematic area was provided. As a result of the evaluations, operation was planned for the narrowed trachea 2 weeks later. In the surgery performed by the team led by our Chief Physician Prof. Dr.  Celal TEKİNBAŞ, the narrowed part of the trachea of ​​the patient was cut and removed, and the healthy ends were stitched together. Our patient, who was hospitalized for only 5 days after the operation, was discharged with full recovery. There is no problem in our patient in the next 10-day and 2-month controls.

During the pandemic period, the number of patients who received respiratory support with a mechanical ventilator increased. Trachea stenosis may develop in approximately 5% of patients who receive this treatment. In these cases, the definitive treatment is with the surgery performed by stitching the two healthy ends together after cutting and removing the stenosis part of the trachea. KTÜ Farabi Hospital is an experienced center that successfully treats these cases.